中国の南で自由に激しく生きるRASIKI。五年前に日本に留学。高校時代に荒木経惟、森山大道に影響を受けて写真に興味を持ち、二年前から独学で撮り始める。日本とフランスで作品を展示する新しい写真賞「The Editors’ Photo Award ZOOMS JAPAN 2018」ではパブリック賞を受賞した。繊細な感情で対象に迫り、鮮やかなコントラストで一瞬を切りとるのを得意とする。

RASIKI had a free and lively childhood in the south of China. During high school, influenced by such visionaries as Araki Nobuyoshi and Moriyama Daido, she found an interest in photography. After moving to Japan five years ago to live and study in Tokyo, it is 2 years ago that she started to take pictures as a self-taught photographer.
By capturing, with a deft hand, the delicate emotions in people and expressing these moments with vivid contrast, RASIKI won “The Editors’ Photo Award ZOOMS JAPAN 2018”.

Dans le sud de la Chine, RASIKI, vécue une enfance pleine de vie.
Pendant sa scolarité, elle se découvrit un intérêt pour la photographie, en voyant les œuvres d'artistes tels qu'Araki Nobuyoshi ou Moriyama Daido... Mais ce n'est qu'il y a 2 ans, qu'elle commença sa carrière de photographe autodidacte.
Grâce à ses photos remplies d'émotions et de contrastes saisissants, RASIKI remporta l'édition 2018 des "The Editors' Photo Award ZOOMS JAPAN". RASIKI lived freely and violently in the south of China. Four years ago moved to live and study in Japan. During high school, influenced by Araki Nobuyoshi, Moriyama Daido, got interested in photography and started taking photos by her own a year ago. Rasiki got chosen as the final selection of 7 titles of "The Editors' Photo Award ZOOMS JAPAN 2018". She senses a delicate emotion of the people and expresses the moments with vivid contrast.